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    Fantasy Grounds Server Alias: soft keep dead unicorn TeamSpeak Server Address: ts.fg-con.com Password: Dungeoneers h3. [[New to the Star Wars RPG]] h3. [[Campaign Links]] h3. [[Our Campaign Rules]] h3. [[Destinations]]

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    "Star Wars Campaign Forums":https://star-wars-edge-of-the-empire-26.obsidianportal.com/forum "Campaign Forum Thread on Fantasy Grounds - D&D and SW":https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?22964-Let-s-play-5e-Lost-Mines-of-Phandelver " …

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    * *Starting obligation must be a minimum of 5 but no more than 10.* * *Player options limited to Edge of Empire source books to start*.

  • New to the Star Wars RPG

    These were helpful suggestions for Star Wars newbies that Trenloe put together and I thought would be helpful here as well. 1) Download the free Under a Black Sun intro adventure from the Fantasy Flight Games website: https://images-cdn. …