Star Wars - Edge of The Empire

Episode 4 Summary

Liberation of New Meen

Bravely routing the contingent of armed Aqualish thugs threating the Twi’lek miners in New Meen, the party interrogated the defeated thugs and learned of Drombb’s plan to intimidate the Twi’leks through escalating hostility until the Twi’leks abandoned their mines.

Intimidating the thugs into surrendering Drombb’s location, the heroes of New Meen took the fight to their commander at his nearby settlement. As the party spied on Drombb and his thugs, Xorath devised a plan to drive a construction vehicle into the nearby cantina where Drombb was holding court with his thugs.

The plan went off brilliantly as the vehicle was set for the Cantina, exploding into the building’s outer wall, killing several thugs as its fuel cells ignited. Smoked out by the explosion, Varik and Mirella easily picked off Drombb and his men as they fled the inferno. As the flames subsided, Mertha searched the premises and discovered a loot box and computer terminal which she sliced into and uncovered Drombb’s communications with a recipient named “Thweek” discussing “Sivor”, a droid technician captured by Trex, and two supporters of an unknown plan named “Duke Piddock” and “Dimmock”. More disturbing was the transmissions detail of Sivor’s decapitation by Thweek.

But this was an investigation for another day as the party was welcomed back to the Twi’lek camp as liberators and the celebrations commenced!



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