Human Smuggler




Xorath grew up on the planet Vestar, in the Vestar system, within the Rseik sector of the Outer Rim. He learned early in life, that if he was to survive in this vast universe, he would need to learn how to “work out deals…” and deal with “seedy” characters that roam the Outer Rim.

He served amongst a small crew of six for some years, aboard a small freight-ship nicknamed “Sly Fox” which would carry goods to the other Outer rim planets.
One by One, his crewmates were murdered or died in small skirmishes, simple bar fights and so called “accidents”. Many of these deaths directly related to unscrupulous deals pertaining to hidden contraband, which sometimes never made it to it’s seedy destinations.

Xorath being the lone survivor, and with his ear always pressed close to the ground, has recently heard of another crew possibly looking for members. He is quiet at first meeting and listens intently to details, but is always cautious to trust in deals or pacts, especially dangerous ones…


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