Star Wars - Edge of The Empire

Episode 5 Summary

Genosian Negotiations

As the Twi’leks thanked the party for their aid in freeing their mines from Drombb’s men, they were approached by a Bothan spy named Ota who had previously worked with Mertha on a number of clandestine missions. Ota game with grave news. Teemo had placed a bounty on Xorath, Mirella, Mertha and Vexx that had been communicated throughout various underworld networks. Varick has apparently escaped Teemo’s notice of yet, having not been part of the escape from Mos Shuuta.

Ota however, presented a possible solution to their new problem. Ota’s spy network has learned of ongoing negotiations between Teemo and a pair of Genosian Dukes. IF the PC’s could learn the nature of Teemo’s relationship with Genosia, Ota believed the party would be able to strike at Teemo. Ota then revealed that A Duke Piddock was throwing a party to meet with several associates. The adventurers were to crash the party and learn all the could about Piddock’s early deals with Teem – and why they had gone sour. It was hoped that this information, once learned, could also be used to end the newly formed partnership between Teemo and Duke Dimmock.

The party took Ota’s mission and uncovered several key intelligence reports and met a number of new contacts. The most useful contact was a Toydarian named Anatta who told the party:

  1. Teemo employed a spy named Thweek – The same Kubaz that killed Sivor, Piddock’s technician
  2. Pidock was negotiating a massive weapons deal with a Sullistan named Nu Nanb
  3. The Vio siblings (Orpa and Wex) are smugglers planning on sending a shipment to Teemo from Genosia
  4. Both Duke Dimmock and Duke Piddock despise Genosian subjugation under the Empire

With the information gained at the party, along with the email communications pulled from Drombb’s stronghold, the group headed to Duke Dimmock and presented their evidence of Teemo’s reckless dealings and plans to reverse engineer the Genosian battle droid plans. Upset with all he had learned, Duke Dimmock agreed to assist the party (if not openly) reach Teemo’s palace by permitting them to smuggle aboard “The Luck Guess”, a Nova Courier piloted by the Vio siblings.

Fighting their way through the hangar – and against a Vrixx’t – a Gand bounty hunter looking to collect his reward from Teemo, the party makes their way back to Mos Shuuta and Teemo’s palace to rid themselves of the bounty on their heads!



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