Star Wars - Edge of The Empire

Episode 2 Summary

Gameday 4/19/15

Episode 2: Journey to the Ryll Mines

Mirella and Xorath downed a squadron of pursuing Imperial Tie Fighters just as Vex installed the Hypermatter drive and sent the newly christened Soul Stealer into hyperspace. However, the crew was unable to catch their breath as alert klaxons screamed, fuel sensors approached empty, illicit Wookie pelts polluted the air and a grating Gamorran opera soundtrack blared through the ship’s PA speaker.

Enduring through the cacophony of sounds, the adventurers explored there new ship and discovered an imprisoned Twi’lek named B’ura B’an. Freeing the Twi’lek in an effort to better control the ship, the party agreed to take the former prisoner to the mines of Ryloth. En route to the port Nabat, the party was attacked by a ship following their flight through a transponder Teemo the Hutt had placed on the ship. Sending their attacker to crash on the planet’s surface, the adventurers landed and met with the leader of the Twi’lek movement to secure the mines, Nyn Kablo.

Agreeing to assist Nyn, the party made their way by speeder to the mines – and an ambush near an old desert lylek den.



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