Star Wars - Edge of The Empire

Episode 5 Summary
Genosian Negotiations

As the Twi’leks thanked the party for their aid in freeing their mines from Drombb’s men, they were approached by a Bothan spy named Ota who had previously worked with Mertha on a number of clandestine missions. Ota game with grave news. Teemo had placed a bounty on Xorath, Mirella, Mertha and Vexx that had been communicated throughout various underworld networks. Varick has apparently escaped Teemo’s notice of yet, having not been part of the escape from Mos Shuuta.

Ota however, presented a possible solution to their new problem. Ota’s spy network has learned of ongoing negotiations between Teemo and a pair of Genosian Dukes. IF the PC’s could learn the nature of Teemo’s relationship with Genosia, Ota believed the party would be able to strike at Teemo. Ota then revealed that A Duke Piddock was throwing a party to meet with several associates. The adventurers were to crash the party and learn all the could about Piddock’s early deals with Teem – and why they had gone sour. It was hoped that this information, once learned, could also be used to end the newly formed partnership between Teemo and Duke Dimmock.

The party took Ota’s mission and uncovered several key intelligence reports and met a number of new contacts. The most useful contact was a Toydarian named Anatta who told the party:

  1. Teemo employed a spy named Thweek – The same Kubaz that killed Sivor, Piddock’s technician
  2. Pidock was negotiating a massive weapons deal with a Sullistan named Nu Nanb
  3. The Vio siblings (Orpa and Wex) are smugglers planning on sending a shipment to Teemo from Genosia
  4. Both Duke Dimmock and Duke Piddock despise Genosian subjugation under the Empire

With the information gained at the party, along with the email communications pulled from Drombb’s stronghold, the group headed to Duke Dimmock and presented their evidence of Teemo’s reckless dealings and plans to reverse engineer the Genosian battle droid plans. Upset with all he had learned, Duke Dimmock agreed to assist the party (if not openly) reach Teemo’s palace by permitting them to smuggle aboard “The Luck Guess”, a Nova Courier piloted by the Vio siblings.

Fighting their way through the hangar – and against a Vrixx’t – a Gand bounty hunter looking to collect his reward from Teemo, the party makes their way back to Mos Shuuta and Teemo’s palace to rid themselves of the bounty on their heads!

Episode 4 Summary
Liberation of New Meen

Bravely routing the contingent of armed Aqualish thugs threating the Twi’lek miners in New Meen, the party interrogated the defeated thugs and learned of Drombb’s plan to intimidate the Twi’leks through escalating hostility until the Twi’leks abandoned their mines.

Intimidating the thugs into surrendering Drombb’s location, the heroes of New Meen took the fight to their commander at his nearby settlement. As the party spied on Drombb and his thugs, Xorath devised a plan to drive a construction vehicle into the nearby cantina where Drombb was holding court with his thugs.

The plan went off brilliantly as the vehicle was set for the Cantina, exploding into the building’s outer wall, killing several thugs as its fuel cells ignited. Smoked out by the explosion, Varik and Mirella easily picked off Drombb and his men as they fled the inferno. As the flames subsided, Mertha searched the premises and discovered a loot box and computer terminal which she sliced into and uncovered Drombb’s communications with a recipient named “Thweek” discussing “Sivor”, a droid technician captured by Trex, and two supporters of an unknown plan named “Duke Piddock” and “Dimmock”. More disturbing was the transmissions detail of Sivor’s decapitation by Thweek.

But this was an investigation for another day as the party was welcomed back to the Twi’lek camp as liberators and the celebrations commenced!

Episode 3 Summary
The Mines at New Meen

Ambushed on the way to the Twi’lek mines that B’ura B’an once oversaw, the band waged a ferocious firefight with attackers that saw Mertha dropped by a an enemy blaster bolt. However the tide began to turn when a Lylek unexpectedly emerged from the nearby cave entrance, seizing a Gand bounty hunter and dragging him into his lair. Even with the force smiling on the heroes, the battle was touch and go until another ally emerged – Varik Crow, a wanderer familiar with the ways of the force. With another warrior joining their ranks, the party was able to strike their attackers down or set them running.

While finding a safe place to take shelter in the desert, the group shared tales of how they had arrived on Rhyllon and Varik shared his story of how he had come to wander the desert after the Emporer and Vader seized power throughout the galaxy. In the morning, the group made their way to the mining site and immediately began assisting B’ura’s crew, healing the injured and shoring up defenses. The miners shared their tale of antagonistic offworlders, with the apparent backing of wealthly individuals, disrupting the Twi’lek mining operations and attempting to take over the mines with a campaign of backroom deals, constant harassment and open violence. The most prominent offworlder and biggest threat to the Twi’leks was identified as a human named Drombb.

Crashing for the night the group’s rest was interrupted by a group of Aqualish thugs who crashed into the camp in a speeder with the name “Drombb” etched into its side. The group made their way to the crash site and observed tensions escalating as the offworld “miners” taunted the Twi’leks. Jus as the tensions reached their apex, and conflict between the Aqualish and Twi’leks seemed inevitable, Varik stepped into the open and issued his challenge to the bounty hunters. The party was pressed into battle once more…

Episode 2 Summary
Gameday 4/19/15

Episode 2: Journey to the Ryll Mines

Mirella and Xorath downed a squadron of pursuing Imperial Tie Fighters just as Vex installed the Hypermatter drive and sent the newly christened Soul Stealer into hyperspace. However, the crew was unable to catch their breath as alert klaxons screamed, fuel sensors approached empty, illicit Wookie pelts polluted the air and a grating Gamorran opera soundtrack blared through the ship’s PA speaker.

Enduring through the cacophony of sounds, the adventurers explored there new ship and discovered an imprisoned Twi’lek named B’ura B’an. Freeing the Twi’lek in an effort to better control the ship, the party agreed to take the former prisoner to the mines of Ryloth. En route to the port Nabat, the party was attacked by a ship following their flight through a transponder Teemo the Hutt had placed on the ship. Sending their attacker to crash on the planet’s surface, the adventurers landed and met with the leader of the Twi’lek movement to secure the mines, Nyn Kablo.

Agreeing to assist Nyn, the party made their way by speeder to the mines – and an ambush near an old desert lylek den.

Episode 1 Summary

Gameday Summary for Episode 1

Xorath, a smuggler indebted to the local crime lord on Mos Shuuta, Teemo the Hutt, had spent the last two weeks at the Hutt’s palace, subjected to unspeakable horrors and tortures, brought to the brink of death – only to be revived by the Hutt’s medical staff to be subjected to additional horrors at the Hutt’s leisure. The cycle of torture was broken when the lead medical droid, forced to serve the Hutt, decided to help the smuggler escape the Hutt’s clutches.

Unknown to the smuggler and medical droid, there was another potential ally in the Hutt’s palace, a Bothan spy named Mertha. Under deep cover, the Bothan spent the last several months investigating the Hutt’s activities. Reluctant to destroy his cover and throw away months of spy work, the Bothan secretly followed the fleeing pair into a cantina on the streets of Mos Shuuta.

Desperately looking to hide from their pursuers, the group successfully avoided the searching eyes of the Hutt’s thugs. As the Gamorrans gave up their search and prepared to leave, the smuggler, sensing the thugs would relentlessly continue their pursuit and blasted the unprepared thugs. Mirella, a force sensitive finding her way with the force, assisted the party as they repelled their attackers. Shortly after running roughshod through the cantina and before kicking them out, a Devoran bartender informed the 4 new allies of the Krayt Fang – a starship capable of taking them offworld – provided they could procure a new reactor part and steal the ship.

Mirella, with the assistance of the force, managed to convince a local junk yard owner that she was an emissary for a Trandoshan slaver and that he should release the reactor in her care. With the needed part in hand, and after Mertha sliced into the spaceports computer network to release the Krayt Fang, the fringers overpowered the Krayt Fang’s slaver crew and headed into the atmosphere…..only to be pursued by Imperial Tie Fighter now firing on the stolen ship!

Welcome to Mos Shuuta
The story so far...

You recently arrived in Mos Shuuta, a small city on the desert world of Tatooine. Mos Shuuta is situated on the top of a tall, rocky bluff, with nothing but endless desert in every direction around it. In only a few days, you’ve found yourselves on the run and attempting to escape the servants of the ruler of Mos Shuuta, Teemo the Hutt for your own reasons.


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