New to the Star Wars RPG

These were helpful suggestions for Star Wars newbies that Trenloe put together and I thought would be helpful here as well.

1) Download the free Under a Black Sun intro adventure from the Fantasy Flight Games website: Pages 4 to 12 give an introduction to the rules – please read and (attempt to) understand the basics of the mechanics before the game. This is not the scenario I’ll be running, so you can read it all if you want.

2) After reading the rules, watch this short (9 minutes 33 seconds) video: You may need to download the video locally if your browser can’t play it. This video shows you how the dice pool mechanics and character sheet work within the Fantasy Grounds ruleset.

If you have a spare couple of hours with nothing to do you can watch an example session video available here: This is the Fringers I scenario from FG Con IV (but not the actual con session, another one Trenloe ran for friends).

New to the Star Wars RPG

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