Mirella Elena

Human Mystic




Mirella was raised in a Frontier Community: Life in this out of the way forgotten village was relatively quiet although there were occasions where she had to fight for her life when the war came at their doorstep. The village was mostly self sufficient and did not have many visitors. If supplies were needed, or trading had to take place, Mirella and her brother were usually the ones who visited nearby towns for the community.

Her family upheld the law and the community spirit, viewing it as part of their responsibility to the rest of the community to be an example of involvement.
The community was a spiritual one. There were many rites focused on the belief that everyone was connected through energy. They believed in the force in their own way….

One day, Mirella came back from the town struck ill. She had convulsions and epileptic fits for month’s and she almost died from the strange condition that affected her. The illness left her as sudden as it had struck after those month’s however and her recovery was nothing short of miraculous.

After her illness she started showing signs of force sensitivity, objects were moving by themselves when she was dreaming and when she got angry wood splintered. Somehow this was triggered after the near death experience.

Mirella’s parent’s demeanor changed, they grew worrisome and over-protective. They blamed the illness on the outside world and decided to keep Mirella home from that point. Mirella would not have it though, she would not be labelled a coward and she believed that there a reason for her sudden recovery. She said her goodbye’s and left the village to search for her reason in life.

Eventhough her father disagreed and wanted to keep her safe, he gave her an heirloom for protection. An ancient sword passed down throughout the ages. Any questions about the sword’s lineage were deflected however, but this made Mirella all the more determined.

Mirella Elena

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