Star Wars - Edge of The Empire

Episode 3 Summary

The Mines at New Meen

Ambushed on the way to the Twi’lek mines that B’ura B’an once oversaw, the band waged a ferocious firefight with attackers that saw Mertha dropped by a an enemy blaster bolt. However the tide began to turn when a Lylek unexpectedly emerged from the nearby cave entrance, seizing a Gand bounty hunter and dragging him into his lair. Even with the force smiling on the heroes, the battle was touch and go until another ally emerged – Varik Crow, a wanderer familiar with the ways of the force. With another warrior joining their ranks, the party was able to strike their attackers down or set them running.

While finding a safe place to take shelter in the desert, the group shared tales of how they had arrived on Rhyllon and Varik shared his story of how he had come to wander the desert after the Emporer and Vader seized power throughout the galaxy. In the morning, the group made their way to the mining site and immediately began assisting B’ura’s crew, healing the injured and shoring up defenses. The miners shared their tale of antagonistic offworlders, with the apparent backing of wealthly individuals, disrupting the Twi’lek mining operations and attempting to take over the mines with a campaign of backroom deals, constant harassment and open violence. The most prominent offworlder and biggest threat to the Twi’leks was identified as a human named Drombb.

Crashing for the night the group’s rest was interrupted by a group of Aqualish thugs who crashed into the camp in a speeder with the name “Drombb” etched into its side. The group made their way to the crash site and observed tensions escalating as the offworld “miners” taunted the Twi’leks. Jus as the tensions reached their apex, and conflict between the Aqualish and Twi’leks seemed inevitable, Varik stepped into the open and issued his challenge to the bounty hunters. The party was pressed into battle once more…



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