Star Wars - Edge of The Empire

Episode 1 Summary

Gameday Summary for Episode 1

Xorath, a smuggler indebted to the local crime lord on Mos Shuuta, Teemo the Hutt, had spent the last two weeks at the Hutt’s palace, subjected to unspeakable horrors and tortures, brought to the brink of death – only to be revived by the Hutt’s medical staff to be subjected to additional horrors at the Hutt’s leisure. The cycle of torture was broken when the lead medical droid, forced to serve the Hutt, decided to help the smuggler escape the Hutt’s clutches.

Unknown to the smuggler and medical droid, there was another potential ally in the Hutt’s palace, a Bothan spy named Mertha. Under deep cover, the Bothan spent the last several months investigating the Hutt’s activities. Reluctant to destroy his cover and throw away months of spy work, the Bothan secretly followed the fleeing pair into a cantina on the streets of Mos Shuuta.

Desperately looking to hide from their pursuers, the group successfully avoided the searching eyes of the Hutt’s thugs. As the Gamorrans gave up their search and prepared to leave, the smuggler, sensing the thugs would relentlessly continue their pursuit and blasted the unprepared thugs. Mirella, a force sensitive finding her way with the force, assisted the party as they repelled their attackers. Shortly after running roughshod through the cantina and before kicking them out, a Devoran bartender informed the 4 new allies of the Krayt Fang – a starship capable of taking them offworld – provided they could procure a new reactor part and steal the ship.

Mirella, with the assistance of the force, managed to convince a local junk yard owner that she was an emissary for a Trandoshan slaver and that he should release the reactor in her care. With the needed part in hand, and after Mertha sliced into the spaceports computer network to release the Krayt Fang, the fringers overpowered the Krayt Fang’s slaver crew and headed into the atmosphere…..only to be pursued by Imperial Tie Fighter now firing on the stolen ship!


I changed the one who sliced into the door to Mertha for you:) great recap man :)

Episode 1 Summary

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